Jaguar Land Rover enters tech-startup fray with InMotion

Its goal is to eventually create a suite of apps and on-demand services to deal with a future where car ownership isn't on everyone's minds.

Andrew Krok Reviews Editor / Cars
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Andrew Krok

Similar to what Ford and Toyota have done in recent weeks, Jaguar Land Rover is joining a growing group of automakers that are creating spin-off mobility businesses. JLR's effort, called InMotion, aims to serve travel and transportation issues with apps and services.

InMotion's reach is global, covering North America, Europe and Asia right from the get-go. The company doesn't have anything ready to launch just yet, but it hopes to begin testing a variety of services soon, including novel approaches to car ownership and car sharing.

It all starts with research. The company will bone up on current transportation issues, and it'll use those insights to create a platform that will be launched (in beta form, to start out with) to the public. InMotion will remain a subsidiary of JLR, and it will have a team of 30 individuals that will be tasked with creating new ventures.

"With the development of new apps and on-demand services, InMotion provides us with an opportunity to provide engaging and invaluable experiences to both new and existing customers globally," said Adrian Hallmark, JLR's director of group strategy, in a statement. "[InMotion] allows us to react quickly to new tech and ever-changing customer demands."