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Jaguar Land Rover brings VR to dealerships for when the cars can't be there

There's also a tablet version for people who fear being sucked into the headset, Tron-style.

2017 Land Rover Discovery - visage
The new Discovery eschews its predecessor's chiseled look in favor of a more aerodynamic and familial look.
Land Rover

Waiting is the hardest part, so why bother with it? That's why Jaguar Land Rover plans to bring VR headsets into its dealerships.

Jaguar Land Rover is set to bring a virtual-reality dealerships experience to more than 1,500 dealerships across 85 markets. Prospective buyers will be able to slap on a headset and take a virtual look at vehicles that are still so new, they haven't yet arrived at dealerships.

"Sir, please stop watching adult films and return to the intended program."

Jaguar Land Rover

The VR headsets will give buyers a chance to look at a vehicle's exterior and interior in 1:1 scale. A series of animations will bring a bit more vivacity to the whole experience, including guides that explain a vehicle's powertrain or performance capabilities. If buyers don't like VR or have follow-up questions afterwards, there's a tablet supplement available, too.

Jaguar Land Rover created a similar type of experience during the unveiling of the I-Pace concept at the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show. The unveiling setup involved a massive network of HTC Vive headsets and a walkthrough of the vehicle hosted in part by famed JLR designer Ian Callum. The company also used VR during the UK unveil of the F-Pace crossover last year.

The first vehicle to receive the VR dealership treatment will be the Land Rover Discovery. Replacing the LR4 here in the US, the Discovery goes on sale later this year, although it's unclear just how soon dealerships in any market will receive the VR headsets.