Jaguar has wish list for Tata

'Automotive News' reports on Jaguar's effort to build a small sports car.

Automotive News

Automotive News

Less than three months after its sale by Ford Motor Co., Jaguar already is requesting new products from the Tata Group, its Indian owner.

The automaker has made a pitch for a small sports car.

In an interview with Automotive News last week, Jaguar Cars Managing Director Mike O'Driscoll said he wants Jaguar to be repositioned as "an exclusive high-line maker."

That means expanding the product line beyond the XJ full-size sedan, XK coupe, and XF mid-size sedan. A sports car in hardtop and roadster versions, similar to the E-Type Jaguar of the 1960s, would signal the brand's bold intentions, O'Driscoll said.

The car also would lead Jaguar's return to sports car racing. Jaguar faltered badly in its Formula One racing effort and dropped out in 2004. Except for minor events, it has been out of racing since then.

(Source: Automotive News)