Jaguar's Go I-Pace app lets you see how much EV ownership can save you

It's only available in the UK for now, but hopefully it'll expand to the US in the near future.


If you had to choose between doing math yourself and letting an app take care of it, you'd probably choose the app. In the interest of saving people time doing math, Jaguar's got a new app to tally up the savings that could come from EV ownership.

The Jaguar Go I-Pace app is currently available for iOS users in the UK, but it will soon be available for Android users, too. It captures journey data -- namely the mileage -- to determine how much money switching to an electric vehicle could save. It's also capable of telling you how many times you'd need to charge an electric vehicle each week and how often you'd have to stop mid-trip to juice up. Since it's Jaguar, it's using the electric I-Pace SUV as the point of comparison.

As an example, Jaguar hired EV aficionado Robert Llewelyn to compare trip costs in a gas and electric vehicle. Over the course of 364 miles, Llewelyn spent £66 (about $87) in gas. In the I-Pace, it would have used just £24 (about $32) of electricity over that same distance.

Hopefully, Jaguar will release a version for the US market, as well. Gas and electricity prices are just a bit different on this side of the pond, so while the savings might not be as big, an app like this could go a long way in helping warm cost-conscious folks to the idea of going electric.

While saving you from doing math is nice, the obvious intent of the Go I-Pace app is to get you into a Jaguar I-Pace. It's a hefty proposition at $69,500, but Jaguar should have plenty of $7,500 federal tax incentives left to hand out, which should soften the blow some. With four driven wheels, 394 horsepower and 240 miles of range, it's not quite a Tesla killer, but it should put the American OEM on notice that it's not the only game in town anymore.