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Jaguar E-Pace sets Guinness world record for furthest barrel roll

Nimble little minx, isn't she?

Jaguar E-Pace does a barell roll

No matter hard we try, we'll never be as cool as this photo. 


There are car unveilings, and then there are car unveilings with record-breaking barrel rolls. Jaguar's new 2018 E-Pace crossover SUV was the latter of the two.

At the E-Pace's world premiere today, July 13, the crossover leaped into the history books by completing a 270-degree rotation and 50-foot long jump at ExCel London. The furthest ever done in a production vehicle. 

Behind the wheel of the E-Pace was stunt driver, holder of 21 Guinness World Records achievements and all-around badass Terry Grant, who experienced a stomach-turning 5.5 Gs over the course of the flip.

Well done, Terry.

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