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Jaguar C-X75 swaps jets for F1 engine in production model

Jaguar will build the sensational C-X75 concept car for real, but it'll swap the gas turbines for a future-spec F1 engine with help from the Williams F1 team.


Jaguar has enlisted the help of Williams Formula 1 to build for real the sensational C-X75 concept car we salivated on at last year's Paris Motor Show. It will create 250 examples of the part-electric, part-jet super car.

Sadly, the gas turbine propulsion elements that starred in the concept won't feature -- the technology isn't at a stage where it can be used in a production car. Instead, the C-X75 will be driven by a pair of electric motors and a small turbocharged petrol engine inspired by the units that will power tomorrow's F1 cars.

The C-X75 promises to be hugely quick, despite the lack of turbines. Jaguar says it'll sprint from 0-60mph in less than 3 seconds, hit 0-100mph in under 6 and reach a top speed of around 200mph.

We expect the C-X75 will drive well, too. The Williams F1 team has been drafted in to provide expertise in the integration of hybrid systems, batteries, carbon-fibre bodywork and active aerodynamics, meaning the C-X75 should be the closest thing you can get to a road-going F1 car.

Despite its brutal race-inspired performance, the C-X75 also promises to be kind to the environment. An integrated battery pack gives the car an electric-only driving range of 30 miles. When it's not storming around at top speed, Jaguar expects the car will achieve emissions of around 99g/km -- the same as you'd find in a eco-friendly city runabouts and small hybrids.

Only 250 examples of the C-X75 will be created and each will cost between £700,000 and £900,000 when it goes on sale at the end of 2013. We'll have more on this car when it's presented in a guise more similar to its production form at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September.

While you wait, have a gander at the video we shot of the concept model at last September's Paris Motor Show.