Jaguar and Land Rover integrate Tile to help forgetful drivers

Jaguar and Land Rover models can alert owners whether items tagged with Tile Bluetooth trackers are present, or left behind.

Wayne Cunningham Managing Editor / Roadshow
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Wayne Cunningham
Tile integrated with Jaguar Land Rover InControl Apps

The Tile integration with Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles can alert you to missing items, like your wallet.

Jaguar Land Rover

Ever show up at work without your laptop, or leave your suitcase in a hotel room? If you drive a Jaguar or Land Rover, your car can soon alert you that you left something behind. The combined Jaguar Land Rover company announced today that it will integrate the Tile Bluetooth item-tracking app into its cars.

Tech company Tile makes small tags that can be attached to items from keys to skis, along with a smartphone app that detects their presence, and even records their last known location. Jaguar Land Rover integrates Tile through its InControl Apps feature in cars equipped with its InControl Touch infotainment system.

Jaguar Land Rover notes that owners will be able to create an "Essentials" list in the app, based on Tile tags attached to specific items. The car will automatically check for the presence of those items when the app starts up, alerting the driver to anything that was left behind.

Along with owning a Jaguar or Land Rover model equipped with InControl Touch, users will need to buy the Tile tags and attach them to important items, and download the app for their smartphone and car.