Jabra hands-free Freeway hits the streets in April

Jabra's latest hands-free calling solution for the car is designed to give customers the better audio quality they've been asking for.

Liane Yvkoff
Liane Yvkoff is a freelance writer who blogs about cars for CNET Car Tech. E-mail Liane.
Liane Yvkoff

Jabra improved audio quality for the Freeway, its newest hands-free calling solution for the car. Liane Yvkoff

BARCELONA, Spain--Jabra debuted its latest hands-free calling solution for cars at the Mobile World Conference this week. The Freeway improves upon the previous Cruiser2 model and is expected to deliver higher voice and audio quality.

Three speakers in the Freeway create a Virtual Surround Sound for incoming calls, according to the company. Jabra also added a second microphone to help counter background noise from wind and other vehicle passengers. The visor-mounted Freeway uses an embedded motion sensor to automatically turn on and off when it detects the car in motion. New voice-activated features enable the driver to make, accept, and refuse calls using voice commands.

Showing its commitment to improving audio quality, the Jabra made the Freeway capable of transmitting High Definition Voice, a new audio technology expected to deliver more natural, less digitized sounding calls. However, no networks in the U.S. have upgraded to this new audio technology and only Orange supports HD Voice in Europe. But when the HD Voice wave finally hits the U.S., Freeway users will hear it loud and clear. The device is expected to retail for $129 when it goes on sale in April. Jabra also said its Skype-certified headset EasyGo for PCwill be available this quarter and will retail for $59.