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Italian cops get a second Lamborghini Huracan (yes, a second one)

Italian cops get the best toys.

Lamborghini huracan polizia

The Huracan looks really good in the Polizia's livery.


If you've ever found yourself thinking you could outrun Italian cops, their new toy might change your mind.

Lamborghini gave the Italian Highway Patrol the keys to a brand-new Huracan Polizia, a customized version of the 610-horsepower V10 supercar, complete with police livery and a suite of computer and monitoring equipment.

This will actually be the second Huracan entering service with the Italian Highway Patrol; the first one was delivered in 2015. And it won't be wasting away at the station while eating zeppole either, as the supercar will be used in normal police operations, medical assistance and organ transport.

Yes, the police are running organs around Italy in a pale-blue Lambo. They're stored in an integrated refrigerator unit in the cargo area, which also holds emergency medical supplies and a defibrillator.