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Is this the Tesla Model 3? 'Uh, no'

The Faraday Future engineer testing the FF 91 in public probably didn't enjoy that comment.


Cars are regularly heavily camouflaged when undergoing real-world testing before an official debut. As this video shows, it can occasionally lead to... awkward run-ins.

Faraday is now testing its FF 91 out on the streets, and even though we already saw it at CES 2017, it's still covered in some very thick camouflage. Someone behind the FF 91 filmed it rolling down the street, and the two people in the camera car were a little confused as to what it actually was.

Since there was a Model X ahead of it, the camera car reasonably assumed that it might be a Tesla Model 3, since it's slated to enter production next year. They actually rolled up to the FF 91's driver, likely a Faraday Future engineer, and asked, "Is that the Model 3?" His answer was a slightly amused, "Uh, no."

It's hard trying to come up in the World That Elon Helped Build, constantly living in the shadow of those that came before you. And even when you do have something cool to show off, all you get is people asking if it's another one of his creations. Must be tough.

(Hat tip to Jalopnik!)