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Is the G-Wiz electric car finally dead?

It seems the the notorious electric runabout everybody loves to hate will still be zipping haphazardly through London's streets -- albeit in significantly fewer numbers.

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The unstoppable rumour mill that is the Internet has suggested the much maligned G-Wiz is all but dead in the UK. The iconic electric "car" (it's a quadricycle, really) has been taken out back, given one last cuddle and shot mercifully in the back of the head, according to AllCarsElectric.

But it would appear rumours of the G-Wiz's demise are greatly exaggerated. Crave got in touch with GoinGreen recently and it seems the infamous electric runabout will still be zipping haphazardly through London's streets -- albeit in significantly fewer numbers.

Until recently, anyone who wanted a G-Wiz could simply rock up to GoinGreen's offices with a wad of cash. A relative lack of recent demand for the G-Wiz, however, means GoinGreen isn't stocking any new cars until at least this autumn. Instead, it'll focus on clearing its current inventory, which by all accounts includes one new G-Wiz and four sad little ex-demo models.

Any sadists wanting a brand-new G-Wiz aren't up the creek without a paddle, though. GoinGreen says it will continue importing brand new G-Wiz cars from its Indian makers, Mahindra Reva, whenever customers are foolish enough to want one, with delivery times estimated to be four to six weeks.

While the G-Wiz may not yet have met its maker, it's surely only a matter of time before it ends up on the scapheap. Admittedly, it's the cheapest way of hopping on the electric bandwagon, but its questionable safety record, limited range and toy-car looks mean it's not as attractive a proposition as rival electric cars such as the Nissan Leaf or Mitsubishi iMiev.

But what do you think? Is there room in the world of EVs for a dirt-cheap, battery-powered quadricycle? Or should the G-Wiz curl up, die and make room for 'proper' electric cars? Your feedback in the comments section below is appreciated.