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iRoc plans to turn your iPad into a car stereo

Move over, iPhone, one audio manufacturer wants to make the iPad the new go-to infotainment platform.


A car audio startup in Texas is hoping to capitalize on the tablet boom by creating an aftermarket stereo that you control with your iPad.

Last summer, Jackson Electronics launched its iRoc stereo, which uses the driver's iPhone mounted on the deck's face. The Austin-based company recently announced that it's working on a special adapter that will enable drivers to mount an iPad on the head unit, according to an article in CEoutlook.

The iRoc stereo is equipped with a 40-watt amplifier and six line-outs for subwoofers and speakers. The unit is controlled by the iPhone's touch screen, and works with all of your favorite entertainment and navigation applications on the handset. With the iRocEQ iPhone app, available to download for free on iTunes, you can control advanced equalizer settings for the deck.

No new specs for the iPad-compatible iRoc were announced, and it's not clear how the deck will support the weight of the iPad over bumpy roads, or how the larger display screen will avoid interfering with other controls on the center stack. Another problem an iPad-centric car stereo presents is the lack of iPhone--or any phone--integration. If the vehicle is not equipped with Bluetooth hands-free call technology, then the driver will need to use a headset or purchase an aftermarket Bluetooth phone speaker. The new iRoc iPad adapter will be available in the first quarter of next year.

Gartner expects Apple to sell 46.7 million iPads this year, and other aftermarket suppliers, such as Scosche, are also exploring ways to find a home for tablets on the dash.

Source: CE Outlook