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iPhone supplier Foxconn confirms US EV factory for 2023

From smartphones to cars, Foxconn is jumping into the EV space and plans to build cars in America.

Foxconn EV platform
Foxconn wants in on the car business.

We knew Foxconn had its eye on a US production site to build electric vehicles, but the supplier confirmed during an investor call it wants to have an American production facility online come 2023. Nikkei first reported the news Thursday.

The company, which is best known for supporting Apple's iPhone, did not immediately return a request for comment, though it previously confirmed plans for a US site with EV startup Fisker. The two plan to build the fledgling automaker's Project PEAR, which is a mysterious EV project. All we know is the car should cost $30,000, though it's unclear if the car will actually ride on Foxconn's EV platform. Fisker noted the vehicle will use a platform codenamed FP28; Foxconn's open-source platform goes by MIH. Things could change since it seems far simpler to use Foxconn's off-the-shelf solution.

The Taiwanese company is reportedly in discussions with three US states for a potential site. One of them is Wisconsin, which Foxconn has a troubled relationship with after a $10 billion investment gone sour. Previous rumors pointed to this planned site as a future home for EV production, however.

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