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Introducing the Mini Beachcomber concept

Cooper unveiled its Mini Beachcomber concept car last month at the Detroit Auto Show. Check out the video blog post here for more on this curious automobile.

Needless to say (yet I'm doing it anyway), there were many interesting vehicles being paraded at the (somewhat) recently held North American International Auto Show in Detroit. But perhaps the most curious unveiling came courtesy of the Cooper brand, as the company trotted out its Mini Beachcomber concept in a very strange fashion--with dancers and a driver dressed as a shark (I'm not making this up). All pageantry aside, the Beachcomber still is quite intriguing on its own, and today's video gets the lowdown on this interesting little car.

As seen here, the Mini Beachcomber concept seems to be meant to be driven sans top and doors, but according to the Cooper company, the vehicle will come with attachable roof and doors in case weather is less than bikini-friendly. Mini's director of design, Gert Hildebrand, is on hand in this video to explain the concept of this vehicle, and one has to appreciate the audacity of Mini to even attempt to (maybe) produce a car of this nature--I mean, after all, would this thing even be street legal? Anyway, enjoy the interview with Mr. Hildebrand and determine for yourself if you think the Mini Beachcomber can go from concept to reality.