Introducing Roadshow

Soon to be your definitive source for a new age of transportation.

Tim Stevens Former editor at large for CNET Cars
Tim Stevens got his start writing professionally while still in school in the mid '90s, and since then has covered topics ranging from business process management to video game development to automotive technology.
Tim Stevens
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Ready or not, the future of transportation has arrived.

Yes, really, it's already here. Today's cars carry more software than fighter jets, self-driving vehicles range further and faster and, thanks to Android Auto and Car Play, your phone finally has a home in your dashboard.

We've covered these trends at CNET since before they were trends, and as the automotive world grows more complex, it's time to introduce an even better, smarter guide. It's time to introduce Roadshow.

Roadshow isn't just another section on the site. We're launching something big and beautiful. Roadshow builds on CNET's legacy of straight-talking reviews, the smarts and perspective of On Cars and the jaw-dropping experiences delivered by XCAR, bringing it all together with the most consistently high-quality automotive video on the Web.

Seriously, the stuff we've been cooking up looks so good, you're going to want to talk to your wireless carrier about a bigger data plan.

Roadshow brings expert perspective to the entire industry, from Aston Martin to Uber and beyond. We'll give you unbiased buying advice and reporting on everything that moves you today and insight into everything that will move you a decade from now. We'll have fun along the way and, perhaps most importantly, we'll leave the fear, uncertainty and doubt behind.


To drive this we've built an amazing team of veteran auto journalists, tech gurus and peerless video producers -- people with the knowledge, the skill and the perspective to craft an incredible suite of fresh content every day. You'll be meeting them all soon enough, but you'll recognize many of their names and faces from places like Autoweek, Autoblog, The Fast Lane Car, Winding Road and more.

It's all coming soon enough and, as we put on a final coat of polish and top up the tank, you'll want to tune in on your social networks of choice. They're the best places to watch as we get closer to launch.

And, of course, lock your browsers onto TheRoadshow.com. I guarantee, it's going to be good.

-Tim Stevens
Editor-in-Chief, Roadshow