Infiniti's Detroit concept is a bright, smooth sedan

It's quite the departure from its current sedan lineup.

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Like it or not, light-up badges aren't going anywhere any time soon.


Concept cars occasionally give us a sneak peek at what the next generation of an automaker's cars will look like. If Infiniti's latest concept is any indicator, its cars are about to get a heapin' helpin' of pretty.

Infiniti on Wednesday gave us a look at the rear half of its new Q Inspiration Concept. Slated for debut at the Detroit Auto Show on Jan. 15, this concept promises a preview of next-gen Infiniti design.

From this angle, it looks good. There's a lot of glass both on the sides and atop the car, so the inside likely feels very airy and open. It's largely devoid of aggressive creases and angles save for a strong shoulder line and rear haunch along the silhouette. Out back, the taillights are razor-thin and -- in keeping with current trends -- the badges light up.

There aren't any tailpipes to speak of, so they're either integrated into the bumper or this sedan is electric. Either way, we'll find out in just about two weeks.

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