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Infiniti's Alexa integration lets you start, lock and unlock at will

It'll also let you precondition the car's interior on hot or cold days.


Two weeks ago, Nissan announced a new Amazon Alexa skill for its cars. Now, it's time for the fancier sibling to get in on the fun.

Infiniti announced today that it will also offer an Amazon Alexa skill for many of its late-model vehicles. It's currently available on the Alexa Skills Store, and it allows owners of two different Infiniti connected services (Infiniti InTouch and Infiniti Connection) to add connected-car features to their luxury vehicles.

It's as simple as saying, "Alexa, ask Infiniti InTouch Services to start my Q50."


Owners will be able to use voice commands to lock, unlock and start the vehicle from the comfort of a couch or anywhere an Amazon device is plugged in. Remote start from the home will allow the vehicle's interior to be brought to a certain temperature before the driver gets in, improving comfort on hot or cold days.

For a bit of added security, all commands sent through the Alexa skill will require a four-digit PIN. The last thing you want is your kid starting your car in the middle of the night and burning gas for no good reason.

The following Infiniti vehicles are capable of working with this new Alexa skill:

  • 2018: Q50, Q50 Hybrid, Q60, QX70, Q70, QX80
  • 2017: Q50, Q50 Hybrid, Q60, QX60, Q70, QX80
  • 2016: Q50, Q50 Hybrid, Q70, Q70 Hybrid, QX60, QX60 Hybrid, QX80
  • 2015: Q50, Q50 Hybrid, Q70, Q70 Hybrid, QX60, QX60 Hybrid, QX80
  • 2014: Q50, Q70, QX60, QX80
  • 2013: M37, M56, JX35, QX56