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Infiniti will add 2 variants this year

Automotive News reports on Infiniti's plans for future vehicles.

Automotive News

Automotive News

LOUISVILLE -- Infiniti will introduce two model variations this year in an effort to broaden the brand's product line without adding body styles.

One of the changes is certain to involve Nissan Motor Co.'s new high-output direct-injection turbocharged four-cylinder engine, which will debut in the United States this year on the new Nissan Juke crossover.

While withholding specific details, Ben Poore, vice president of the Infiniti business unit, told journalists here last week that dealers will receive the two additional products in October or November.

Poore described one of the new offerings as "performance-oriented" -- a reference to a new engine option, not an all-new model, according to one company source.

Poore described the second offering as a product in a "volume segment" that is new to Infiniti. "It expands our footprint into an area where we've never played before," he said.

Indeed, one of Infiniti's lingering problems is that there are many product segments in which it does not play.

Infiniti dealers have complained that Infiniti's product line is too thin to win much business from BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

Poore said the two variations will come before Infiniti's entry into the hybrid-electric segment early next year with a hybrid M sedan.

The brand also is developing an electric four-seater, but Poore said no launch date has been determined.

(Source: Automotive News)