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Infiniti to come to Europe

Infiniti comes to Europe

The EX is coming to Europe. CNET Networks

Driving around the streets of London and Geneva over the last couple of days, I have noticed a conspicuous absence of Infiniti and Acura models. The premium brands of (respectively) Nissan and Honda are virtually unknown in Western European countries, where they are currently unavailable. This is about to change, however, as Nissan prepares to use this week's Geneva auto show to launch the first Infiniti models for the European market. According to the Financial Times, Infiniti has "Europeanised" its lineup (smaller engines, diesel options), and will launch with four models, including a brand-new FX crossover SUV, the smaller EX SUV and two others (possibly the G-series coupeand sedan). Following the example of Toyota, which brought its Lexus luxury brand to Europe shortly after the brand launched in 1990, Nissan expects to sell 25,000 cars in Europe by 2013.

We'll be bringing you photo and video of Infiniti's new Euro-destined models as well as all of its other news direct from the show itself over the next couple of days.

Source: Financial Times

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