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Infiniti teases shadowy QX30 compact crossover concept

Nissan's luxury division has released a preview image of its new premium concept crossover ahead of the 2015 Geneva auto show.


Not wanting to be left out of the party in the hot premium compact crossover segment, Infiniti gives us a tease of its QX30 Concept ahead of the 2015 Geneva auto show.

The single image released by the carmaker doesn't show us much of the vehicle, but it does give us a shadowy peek at the concept's rear end, with its LED strip lamps. It also gives us an idea of how the design language of Nissan's luxury division will wrap around a small crossover's proportions.

We don't get much sense of scale from the photo, but judging by the shape of the crossover's shoulders, the high placement of the tail lights and the proportions of the wheels, I'm guessing that we'll see something about the size of the Nissan Juke when the QX30 is unveiled in Switzerland on March 3.