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Infiniti teases Q50, an update to the G sedan

The Detroit auto show will see a new Infiniti model replacing the current G sedan.

Infiniti Q50 teaser

Infiniti says it will unveil a new sport sedan, called the Q50, at the upcoming Detroit auto show. The model introduces the brand's new naming strategy, and is billed as a replacement for the current G sedan.

Typical for pre-auto-show teasers, all we get is an image of the new car's headlight. However, that shot reveals styling much different than seen on current Infiniti G and M models. Rather than the high lens of the current headlights, which mold into the pontoon-like front fenders, the teaser shows a hooded headlight topped by an LED strip.

The headlight design suggests the Q50 will resemble the LE concept we saw at the 2012 New York auto show. That concept sported a hood rising above the fenders, a radical change to current Infiniti styling. The spindle-shaped grille looked similar to that being introduced by Lexus.

Infiniti's new naming strategy uses Q for every model, followed by a double digit to indicate size. Models named QX will be crossovers. The Q50 replaces the G sedan, while a Q60 replaces the G coupe. A future Q70 takes the place of the current M56. Infiniti has not said where or how hybrid models will fit into this naming strategy.

One detail slipped into a message from Infiniti President Johan de Nysschen, alluded to a new engine for the Q70, a 550-plus horsepower forced induction V-6. Those specs match the engine in the Nissan GT-R, suggesting a large, high-performance Infiniti sedan positioned as a BMW M5 fighter.