Infiniti teases 'most advanced' car ever for LA Auto Show

We're genuinely flummoxed as to what this could be.

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Andrew Krok

Infiniti has some big debuts coming up this month, both literally and figuratively.

While Infiniti already set Nov. 14 as the debut for the latest version of its flagship QX80 SUV, the company has a second, more mysterious debut up its sleeve on Nov. 28, just before the Los Angeles Auto Show kicks off. The company sent out an invite for the debut event, which includes a teaser sketch.

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While there's a chance it could be a crossover, personally, I'm leaning toward a more traditional car body.


The teaser promises we'll see "the most advanced Infiniti" ever, and the sketch's slim roofline is all but a giveaway that the company isn't referring to the QX80. That's all we know, though. Infiniti hasn't sent out any other teasers, so this one is a proper unidentified car.

While there have been some new Infiniti SUVs discovered driving around with camouflage, this doesn't appear to carry the same shape. Motor1 pointed out that rumors are swirling about an Infiniti EV concept that's on the sportier side, borrowing some of its tech from the Prototype 9 concept that appeared at Pebble Beach, but its debut was originally believed to take place at the Detroit Auto Show in January, not Los Angeles. No matter what it is, we don't have very long before we find out more. 

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