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Infiniti sells JX crossover for half off on Gilt

To raise money for Coaches vs. Cancer, Infiniti sold a new JX35 for half the $54k sticker price on Gilt, while the discount online retailer donated the full value of the vehicle to the charity.

The 2013 Infiniti JX35.
The 2013 Infiniti JX35. Infiniti

March Madness is off to a good start for one lucky Gilt member who scored a 2013 Infiniti JX35 for half the crossover's $54,850 retail price. Making the deal even sweeter, Gilt donated the full value of the vehicle to Coaches vs Cancer.

The Infiniti JX35 is a new three-row crossover that launched this year. The automaker teamed with Gilt to offer the vehicle on the discount site before it goes on sale to the public. The vehicle sold on Gilt's discount luxury goods site in 2.5 seconds. The money raised by the sale of the JX35 will support Coaches vs. Cancer's awareness and advocacy programs.

Gilt isn't the only one raising money for the nonprofit organization. Infiniti plans to donate up to $700,000 to Coaches vs. Cancer based on fan participation of its online Round by Round Bracket competition. March Madness fans select which teams they think will win, and for each correct pick Infiniti will donate money to the charity. But there's also something in it for the voters. The top ten percent of the competition participants of each round will be entered into a drawing to win the grand prize: a trip for two to the 2012 Final Four. So a lot is riding on your ability to pick the winning team.