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Infiniti teases sharp crossover concept ahead of Beijing

The Infiiti QX Sport Inspiration concept presages the company's next design language as it pertains to mid-size SUVs.

If this truly is Infiniti's next-generation design language, I can dig it. That headlight looks great.


There's no getting around it -- crossovers are king. These lifted hatchbacks are all the rage, and they're even eating into sales numbers from more entrenched segments, like midsize sedans. They're especially hot in China, as are luxury vehicles, which means that Infiniti is barking up the right tree with its latest concept.

Infiniti unveiled a piece of the QX Sport Inspiration concept ahead of its late-April debut at the Beijing Auto Show. The company claims this concept speaks to the company's idea for its next design language iteration, especially as it pertains to midsize crossovers. It's easy to imagine the QX Sport Inspiration (what we can see of it, at least) as replacing the old QX60, which was recently refreshed and shown off at the Detroit Auto Show this past January.

There isn't a whole lot of space in the lineup (or in its naming structure) for something new to slot in between the QX50 and the QX60, or between QX60 and QX70, so it's likely that the eventual production car that comes from this concept will be a regular ol' replacement, not anything brand new.

We'll know more once the Beijing Auto Show kicks off its media days on April 25. The show opens to the public on April 29.