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Infiniti Q60 coupe makes its Neiman Marcus Christmas Book debut

Strangely enough, it's one of the least expensive Fantasy Gifts from the posh department store this holiday season.

Based on the Red Sport 400 version of the all-new 2017 INFINITI Q60, the 400-horsepower INFINITI Q60 Neiman Marcus Limited Edition is equipped with a 3.0 liter-twin-turbocharged V6 engine and is painted a striking Solar Mica hue. The Nieman Marcus Limited Edition Q60 offers Direct Adaptive Steering™, Dynamic Digital Suspension, Bose® Performance Series premium audio system and INFINITI InTouch™ infotainment system. This special edition Q60 also features genuine carbon fiber accents on the fender vents, fog-light finishers, mirror caps and rear spoiler. The interior is equipped with Gallery White leather-appointed sports seats and Silver Optic Fiber Interior Trim.

This year, the Fantasy Gifts section of the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book includes a $1.5 million rose-gold private plane, a week of living in English estates and a walk-on role in a Broadway musical. Oh, and there's an Infiniti Q60 in there, too.

For the low, low price of $63,000, you can order the Infiniti Q60 Neiman Marcus Edition. Only 50 of these coupes will be built, and they're based off the 400-horsepower Red Sport variant. Its gilded skin fits right in alongside a one-day quarterback camp with Joe Montana and a slumber party in Neiman's flagship Dallas store.

The Q60 Neiman Marcus Edition comes loaded with Infiniti's steer-by-wire system, a Bose premium audio setup, adaptive suspension and carbon fiber fender vent accents. The interior features white leather with silver trim pieces.

That's not all, though. That $63,000 price tag also includes a leather weekender bag, a plaque featuring the car's identification number and a Neiman Marcus-branded car cover. There's also a letter of authenticity, in case you feel like flipping this car for a profit at a Mecum auction in 2040. Infiniti will also donate $1,000 to The Heart of Neiman Marcus foundation with every purchase.

Like all vehicular Neiman Marcus offerings, its limited supply will go fast. Potential buyers will get their first shot at the car on November 2. There's an actual phone number to call to reserve the car, which says something about the average age of a Neiman Marcus shopper. If you want to feel really poor, head on over to Neiman's website to see what other types of way-too-posh crap you can pick up, like that rose-gold private plane.