Infiniti Prototype 10 Pebble Beach concept teased in full-body sketch

It's a speedster, and a gnarly one, at that.

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Speedsters never fail to captivate.


One week from today, will pull back the cover on its latest electrified concept, the Prototype 10. But until then, we'll have to make do with this sketch.

Infiniti threw out another teaser for its Prototype 10 concept today. Whereas the first teaser offered up a look at one specific close-up part of the car, this teaser darn near gives everything away, albeit in sketch form. It's also the first time we've heard the concept's name.

The automaker didn't offer up any extra details this time around, letting the teaser speak for itself. It's long, low and wide, with aggressive (but smooth) flaring around the wheels and barely any sort of windshield for the driver. Out back, there's a tall central fin that sort of resembles a Formula 1 car. Some of these elements -- in the wheel area, most likely -- will probably be toned down a bit in its final form, but this preview has me pretty stoked to see it in person.

All we know about the Prototype 10 concept so far is that it's electrified, just like every new Infiniti will be starting in 2021. It could be an EV, or it could be a plug-in hybrid, we're not too sure. That's all you need to know, really -- it's a concept car, it's not going to production.

If the name sounds familiar to you, it should. Infiniti debuted the Prototype 9 concept at last year's Pebble Beach. It, too, was an electric reimagining of a classic vehicle shape, albeit a race car instead of a speedster. In between these two concepts, Infiniti trotted out yet another looker, the Q Inspiration, which gave us a look at the design concepts behind the next generation of fancy Nissans.

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