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Infiniti hots up the G37

Infiniti announces its IPL performance group, debuting with the G37 IPL.

Infiniti G37 IPL
Infiniti G37 IPL
Infiniti launches the G37 IPL at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. Infiniti

In the automotive world, performance lines abound. BMW builds M cars, Mercedes-Benz offers AMG versions of its cars, and Audi puts the RS badge on a few models. Even Lexus got into the game recently with the F version of the IS model.

Among the luxury brands, only Infiniti remained immune from building tuner versions of its cars. Until now.

2011 Infiniti G37 IPL
Infiniti will put this logo on the trunk lid and engine cover. Infiniti

Enter the Infiniti G37 IPL, being shown for the first time at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. The newly introduced performance brand, IPL, stands for Infiniti Performance Line, and uses, in our opinion, a very un-Infiniti-like graphic design.

As for the first car of the series, it isn't exactly an over-the-top barn-burner. Infiniti takes its standard G37 Coupe, a very fine car as it is, and retunes the engine for peak horsepower output at 7,400rpm. The base car peaks at 7,000rpm. That tuning and the addition of a performance exhaust system increases horsepower to 348, an increase of 18 over the base model.

2011 Infiniti G37 IPL
These wheels are a nice touch, and the enhanced brakes give the car stopping power. Infiniti

Stiffer springs increase stability while cornering, but will sacrifice comfort when traveling over rough roads. And a new front fascia ostensibly channels air more efficiently while looking like a bad add-on body kit below the G37's grille.

However, the IPL wheels look good, and Infiniti added more-robust brakes, with four piston calipers in front and two piston calipers on the rears. A limited slip rear differential should also contribute to handling.

Infiniti also chose to make its excellent cabin tech, which includes a hard-drive-based navigation system, Bose stereo with iPod integration, and Bluetooth phone system, standard in the G37 IPL.