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Infiniti has something in store for QX80 in New York

We still don't know exactly what's going on with it, though.

The headlights look pretty boss. Let's hope the rest of the car does, too.


Not every piece of news on April 1 is a prank. Infiniti definitely isn't yanking our collective chain with its New York Auto Show teaser.

All Infiniti said is that it will have a "huge unveil" on April 11. It also included a picture, which appears to show the QX80, its largest SUV. Let's break it down.

It shows the QX80, but a few things are different. It has a set of headlights that look to be LED units from the QX Sport Inspiration concept. Combine that with the light-up emblem in the grille, as well as a more aggressive front bumper, and it's likely that this is going to be some sort of fancy trim that offers additional luxury.

It's doubtful that the QX80 will enter a new generation in New York, but a new, fancier trim should help keep this aging brute alive for just a bit longer. We'll find out when it debuts on April 11.