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Infiniti G37's slow and bulky drop top

CNET Car Tech reviews the 2010 Infiniti G37 Convertible.

Although somewhat narrow, rear seat room is not too cramped in the G37 S Convertible. We fit two adults in the rear seat for an hour-long drive, and heard no complaints.
Josh Miller/CNET
2010 Infiniti G37 Convertible
Josh Miller/CNET

With the G37's powerful engine and sharp handling, first-rate cabin electronics, and excellent-sounding Bose audio system there was little not to like about the car. Being able to drop the top and go cruising on sunny California coastal highways seemed about as good as it gets.

Yet not everything was perfect with the Infiniti G37 Convertible. Compared to other cars with retractable hard tops, the G37's is dead slow. And while we are used to seeing trunks filled up with folded roof panels, there was only a bare sliver of space left over in the trunk of the G37, making luggage an impossibility.

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