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Josh Miller/CNET

Infiniti EX35 takes care of the braking

CNET Car Tech reviews the 2010 Infiniti EX35.

Infiniti EX35
The Infiniti EX35 employs an amazing set of driver assistance features. Josh Miller/CNET

We've seen some pretty cool tech from Infiniti in the past, and the company is surging ahead again with new gadgets that practically let the car drive itself. The new EX35, an urban version of the bigger FX, features something called Intelligent Braking Assist, which can do just about all your braking work for you.

Another way this car stands out is its around-view cameras, which we took advantage of to pull into the tightest San Francisco parking spots. The short wheelbase of the car allowed for sprightly performance in the corners, with the all-wheel drive giving it an edge.

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