Infiniti's 'Carigami' lets you build a scale model with your printer

Hope you have some glue handy.

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Andrew Krok
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It's not exactly advised to be tearing up the roads right now, but after a long enough period in the house, cabin fever undoubtedly begins to set in. To help mitigate the effects of being cooped up, has whipped up some paper craft that lets car enthusiasts get a little creative.

Infiniti this week unveiled its "Carigami" paper craft, which lets people print out one of three vehicle designs and assemble it to create a three-dimensional model. These 1:27-scale recreations probably won't stand up to serious abuse, but if you like concentration -- and getting your mind off, oh, just about everything else in the universe -- then these models should be a good way to melt away a day or two.

Whereas traditional origami usually only involves folds, Carigami relies on a few more tools. In order to build one of these models, you'll need not only a printer and paper, but a craft knife and glue, as well. Sure, you could get scrappy and attempt to use a steak knife or something, although I doubt the finished product would be as precise. Just print the template from Infiniti's website and get to cuttin'.

Three models will be available as Carigami. There's a traditional sedan on offer, as well as the honkin' SUV as well as the still-cool FX crossover from an Infiniti lineup long past. It may not provide the same dopamine hit as a trip down your favorite roads, but that tarmac will still be here when the time is right.

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