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Hyundai's next Ioniq is a fully autonomous concept

When you've already unveiled three electrified models, there's really nowhere else to go from there.


AutoMobility LA, the name for the LA Auto Show's press days, is all about the future of transportation. What better place than here for Hyundai to debut its autonomous Ioniq concept?

Hyundai went to great lengths to ensure its self-driving Ioniq looks almost exactly the same as the battery-electric Ioniq on which it's based. Instead of putting a LiDAR system on the roof, it tucked it into the front bumper so it doesn't look like "a high school science project," as Hyundai puts it.

In addition to the LiDAR, there are blind spot sensors, adaptive cruise control radar, an array of cameras and a GPS antenna. All these components combine to give the Ioniq concept proper hands-off autonomy.

This concept will help drive the future of self-driving Hyundais. The automaker is currently working on its own autonomous operating system, which it hopes will use less computing power than currently required. That would help lower the price and make autonomy affordable for a greater number of buyers.

Hyundai recently received a license to operate autonomous vehicles in Nevada. Thus, it will be offering drives in two different autonomous Ioniq concepts at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this coming January. Hyundai claims the cars are ready to deal with everything from stoplights to off-leash dogs. The automaker is currently testing five different autonomous vehicles in South Korea, as well.