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Hyundai's Tucson Fuel Cell crossover just picked up a world record

The Korean automaker's hydrogen ute set a land speed record on a dry lake bed in California.

Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell

That's more than enough speed to go back in time, if only Hyundai had thought to add a flux capacitor to the list of standard equipment.


Most folks don't typically associate eco-friendly, alternative-fuel vehicles with record-breaking speeds. Yet, Hyundai just snagged up a world record for the fastest production hydrogen-powered crossover after blasting across the Soggy Dry Lake Bed in the California desert.

Of course, there was no world record for the fastest production hydrogen crossover prior to Hyundai's run, because the Tucson Fuel Cell is the first of its kind. Thus, the bar was a little on the low side, but in the interest of blazing new trails -- above and beyond its method of propulsion -- Hyundai went out and recorded a 94.6-mph run.

This record should stand for a couple years, as there aren't any other hydrogen fuel-cell crossovers on sale at the moment. Mercedes-Benz is rumored to be delivering a hydrogen-powered version of its GLC-Class small crossover, but that won't happen until 2018 or so.

Hyundai's got the numbers advantage on any competitor, anyhow, as its first Tucson Fuel Cell pulled up in its owner's garage in 2014. Currently, the Korean automaker has roughly 100 examples on the road in California, which is the only US state that has a stout-enough hydrogen infrastructure to support daily driving.