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Hyundai Tucson fire recall expands to 427,000 more SUVs

Hyundai began the recall last year for 2019-2021 models, but the automaker expanded it this year to include 2016-2018 models as well.

Back to the dealer for these SUVs.

Hyundai this week filed additional documents with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to expand a Tucson fire recall to 427,000 more vehicles. First launched in September of 2020, the automaker recalled 180,000 of the SUVs for a fire risk related to their ABS brakes' hydraulic electronic control unit.

While the original recall only affected 2019-2021 Tucson models, the expanded recall now includes 2016-2018 models as well for a total of 652,000 SUVs now included. Like the original recall, the SUVs now part of the recall may feature a corroding ABS brake hydraulic electronic control unit, and if the component does corrode, there may be an electrical short. The short, in turn, may ignite a fire in the engine compartment. Heat and humidity can cause the corrosion, and owners may smell a burning odor or see the ABS light illuminate if the problem starts to manifest.

Hyundai is aware of fires but did not specify how many have occurred. No injuries have been reported with the fires. However, Hyundai urged owners to park their Tucsons outside and "away from structures" in case a fire does start.

The remedy will see a lower-amperage fuse installed as well as a software update for the electronic stability control system for 2019-2021 models part of the original recall. Hyundai plans to notify owners starting this February, and drivers will need to bring their vehicles to a dealer for the fix.

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