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Hyundai teases sporty Elantra GT debut in Chicago

Look at all those red accents! That's how you know it's sporty.

2018 Elantra GT

The Chicago Auto Show hasn't seen too many teasers, and with just one week to go before the festivities kick off, Hyundai's joined the fray.

Hyundai announced that it will debut the 2018 Elantra GT in Chicago. The Elantra GT is a slightly sportier hatchback variant of the standard Elantra sedan. And that doesn't seem to have changed, judging by the red accents everywhere -- on the steering wheel, stitched into the shift boot, surrounding the start button.

We can also confirm that the 2018 Hyundai Elantra GT will come with a grille.


The exterior teaser doesn't offer much. But then again, it doesn't need to. Take a look at any picture of a 2017 Elantra, then add a hatchback and you've got the idea. The front end appears to have vertical fog lights so it's likely that the Elantra GT will be based on the traditional Elantra rather than the more powerful Elantra Sport, which has horizontal fog lights. That said, there's a chance that the interior pictures could be photos of a sportier variant, while the exterior picture presages a more traditional model.

The current Elantra sedan packs a 2.0-liter I4, which puts out 147 horsepower and 132 pound-feet of torque. That's likely to carry over, but it's unclear whether the Eco model's 128-horsepower I4 or the Sport model's 201-horsepower I4 will come along for the ride, as well.

We'll find out for sure next week.

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