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Hyundai teases new Azera, which will not come to the US

It would make for a pretty solid offering in the Genesis lineup, though...


Hyundai has moved the Azera to forbidden fruit status. The midsize sedan never sold in large quantities, but outside the US, it's considered the brand's flagship. That would be a good reason to not sell the new Azera in the US, which is exactly what Hyundai plans to do.

The company released a rendering of its all-new Azera, which is called the Grandeur in its home country of Korea. The car is a far cry from the previous Azera, with a less cartoonish front end that speaks to future designs coming from Hyundai. It now looks like more like a Genesis G80, which is far from a bad thing.

Hyundai spokesman Robin Warner confirmed that the Azera would not return to the US in its new form. "We are currently reviewing the possibility of introducing a US-specific model that reflects the needs of customers in North America," Warner said via email. "Further information will be announced in due course."

Given the visual similarities to the Genesis brand, which spun itself off from Hyundai this year, there's a chance the new Azera could come to the US as a Genesis model. Were that to happen, it would likely slot under the G80 (formerly known as Hyundai Genesis), perhaps as a G70 or G60.

If Genesis carries itself as a luxury brand, which it does, it will undoubtedly release something in the midsize segment. I think the Azera, as it looks here, would be a perfect fit.