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Hyundai teases Kona, an all-new subcompact crossover

It'll be Hyundai's first foray into the world of micro-utes.


Hyundai sure does love a good travel-inspired name, and the newest addition to its stable is no different.

Hyundai issued a teaser to announce Kona, a new B-segment (subcompact) crossover that is slated to launch later this year. Its name might sound out of left field, but all its SUVs are named after travel destinations -- Santa Fe, Tucson and Veracruz are all named in that tradition, as is Kona, which takes its name from the district on Hawaii's Big Island.

The Kona's headlight actually reminds me more of Ford than Hyundai.


The picture only shows a headlight, so we don't have much to work with. Its super-thin profile follows in Hyundai's tradition of gradually slimming its front headlights, but this new setup takes that to a different level. It doesn't look like anything else Hyundai offers at the moment. The automaker calls it "progressive" and says the design "reflects the lifestyle of modern customers," whatever that means.

And that's all we know for now. Hyundai promised that more information will be release "in the near future," and with a release date set for the summer, it's likely that we won't have to wait too long for Hyundai to dish out some deets.

Hyundai isn't necessarily late to the subcompact-crossover game, but it'll have a fair bit of competition. There are some slightly older members of this group, like the Honda HR-V, but this year will see some new competitors, including the Toyota C-HR and Ford Ecosport.