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YouTube screencap

Hyundai teases 2019 Veloster with a whole lotta LEDs

I wouldn't expect this to be an option at the dealership.

There's a new Hyundai Veloster on the way, and Hyundai's getting ready for its debut with a flashy new teaser.

The short teaser video, posted to Hyundai's Korean YouTube page, shows a 2019 Veloster in side profile. Unlike the production model, this one's covered in LEDs, but we can still make out some solid details hidden under all that flashy stuff.

The front end looks pretty similar to other new Hyundais, with slim headlights resting above a rather large hexagonal grille. The side profile keeps true to the Veloster's status as a quasi-chunky hatch, and while the driver's side doesn't have a second door, we imagine the new Veloster will keep true to form and slap a door for the second row on the passenger side.

It's believed that Hyundai will debut the new Veloster at the Detroit Auto Show in just a couple weeks, so keep your eyes peeled to Roadshow to see the new Veloster without all those LEDs in the near future.