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New Hyundai head unit for CES 2015 integrates Android, iPhones

At CES 2015, Hyundai will show off its Display Audio head unit, integrating both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, designed for the lower end of its line-up.

Wayne Cunningham Managing Editor / Roadshow
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Wayne Cunningham
Hyundai Display Audio with Android Auto

Hyundai Display Audio with Android Auto
Android Auto appears on Hyundai's new Display Audio interface when an Android phone is plugged into the car's USB port. Hyundai

Although Hyundai didn't manage to get Apple CarPlay into its production cars this year, the Korean automaker still pushes hard on smartphone integration, promising to show its new Display Audio head unit in January at International CES 2015. This new head unit, designed for Hyundai's least expensive models, will integrate both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay .

Both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay let drivers plug in their smartphones to a car's USB port, then mirror navigation, audio and other apps on the car's LCD. Drivers can use the car's touchscreen or voice controls to access apps, make phone calls and send text messages. Both Android's and Apple's car integration features were announced earlier this year.

The new Display Audio head unit will give the lower end of Hyundai's model line-up an edge over competitors, as the touchscreen will not only allow advanced smartphone integration, but also show standard stereo controls. Display Audio also incorporates the newest version of Hyundai's BlueLink telematics service, which connects the car through 4G. Owners will be able to use a smartphone app to remotely unlock their doors, turn on climate control and monitor maintenance needs. BlueLink also includes a Stolen Vehicle Recovery feature.

Two notable exceptions to the Display Audio unit's feature list are a CD player and embedded navigation, both made unnecessary by the smartphone integration.

Hyundai will use CES 2015, opening in Las Vegas on January 6, to show off its new head unit.

Hyundai Display Audio integrates with Apple CarPlay
The new Hyundai Display Audio also integrates with Apple CarPlay. Hyundai