Hyundai recalls nearly 88,000 vehicles due to fire risk

A design defect in the ABS module on 06-11 Hyundai Azeras and 2006 Sonatas may cause a short circuit and fire, documents say.

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has some sour news for the owners of 2006-2011 Azeras and 2006 Sonatas, as it has determined that water ingress into the anti-lock brake module could cause an electrical short circuit that could result in an engine compartment fire, even if the vehicle isn't running.

This recall isn't massive, affecting just 87,854 vehicles, though it is hard to imagine that there are that many Azeras on the road after all this time, entropy being what it is. That said, Hyundai expects the recall to begin on or around Feb. 23, and it will start notifying owners of affected cars at that time.

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The ABS module recall affects 2006-2011 Hyundai Azeras and 2006 Hyundai Sonatas and involves a fire risk.

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The fix for this potential short involves dealers installing a relay in the vehicle's main fuse panel that would eliminate the possibility of the ABS module shorting out while the car is off. Hyundai will perform this fix at no cost to the vehicle owner.

"This issue can only occur under a set of very rare and specific conditions when the car is off and stored for an extended period of time (1-2 weeks). There is not risk of the issue occurring while the car is being driven," said Michael Stewart, senior group manager for Hyundai public relations. 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration defect document mentions that there has been just one instance of actual smoke though no fire, which took place here in the US and one example of an overheated ABS module which happened in South Korea.

Update, Jan. 26:  Added manufacturer comment.