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Hyundai N's Albert Biermann teases a possible purpose-built sports car

He didn't give much in the way of details, but given the money that Hyundai and Kia have been pouring into performance, it seems plausible.

Jon Wong/Roadshow

If you've been paying attention to Roadshow since January, you might remember that we were beyond hyped at the announcement of the Hyundai Veloster N at the Detroit Auto Show. We still haven't driven it, and our excitement remains palpable, but Albert Biermann, head of Hyundai's N division, is already teasing a new built-to-purpose Hyundai sports car in an interview with Top Gear.

"My degree of freedom here is much bigger than at BMW," said Biermann. "Now M badges go everywhere in the BMW range, but when I was there, I had to fight like crazy for every car. Here, I am more than welcome to do whatever I think we need to do."

Hyundai has been dabbling with a serious performance vehicle for a while, having created no less than three versions of its mid-engined racing car dubbed "Racing Midship," but this theoretical car Biermann talks about would be Hyundai's first true performance vehicle made for consumers.

This sports car would be the third N-division vehicle after the i30N and the forthcoming Veloster N. Could it be that in a few years we see a South Korean supercar on par with those coming from Germany?

We certainly hope so.