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Hyundai Motorsport got the electric racing itch and it means to scratch it

We don't know exactly what kind of electric racing, but a new video teaser released by Hyundai suggests it could be a touring car of some kind.

Electric race cars have been heating up starting grids around the world for a while now, and as a result of that -- and increasing environmental pressures -- manufacturer involvement in electric racing is increasing and the results of that are pretty awesome. The likes of Audi and Jaguar are involved in Formula E, and the electric classes at events like Pikes Peak have been swelling with big-buck entries from Volkswagen

The latest manufacturer to throw its hat in the electric racing ring is Hyundai, which made an announcement Tuesday.

 "A new era is dawning at Hyundai Motorsport. For many months, our team in Alzenau has been working hard on an exciting electric vehicle, and soon we will be able to share the fruits of these labors," Andrea Adamo, team director of Hyundai Motorsport, said in a statement. "It promises to be a new chapter for our company, a natural extension to our motorsport activities, one that links closely to the current trends and innovations in the wider automotive industry."

Hyundai's press release was pretty vague as to what kind of racing it plans to undertake, though its mention of its success in the World Rally Championship could be a hint. Whatever its ambitions, the brand plans to debut its new racer in September at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

Hyundai Motorsport is planning on running its electric racing program out of the same facility in Alzenau, Germany, as the rest of its motorsports stuff.

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Originally published Aug. 6.