Hyundai kills off Azera, skips 2018 model year for Veloster

Expect a new Veloster to come in 2019, but I can't say the same for the Azera.

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Andrew Krok
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When Hyundai spun Genesis off into its own brand, many folks wondered how long the full-size Hyundai Azera would stick around. Apparently, the answer is "not very long."

Hyundai announced this week that, when the 2018 model year comes around, the Azera sedan will not be a part of Hyundai's US lineup. It will continue to live in the Asia-Pacific market as the Hyundai Grandeur, which is actually a way better name to begin with.

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Good night, sweet prince.


Part of the reason for its departure is the birth of the new Genesis brand. The Azera had a decidedly luxe feel to it, which could very well step on the toes of the Genesis G80 and G90, currently Genesis' only offerings.

There's also the matter of sales figures. The Azera hasn't had a four-digit sales month since December 2013. In June 2017, Hyundai sold just 241 Azeras, according to Good Car Bad Car. Many of its competitors sold as many cars in a single month as the Azera sold over a whole year. A redesign is coming for the 2018 Azera/Grandeur, but obviously that won't matter to US buyers.

Another bit of interesting news for Hyundai's 2018 lineup is the lack of a Veloster. According to Hyundai, there will be no 2018 Veloster, but instead, there will be a long 2017 model year. Hyundai's wacky little sporty coupe will soldier on without any additional updates until the 2019 model year.

When the 2019 model year comes around, though, expect a brand-new Veloster with a whole host of changes both inside and out. It's likely to retain its four-cylinder engine, but there will probably be a bit more power. Test mules have already been spotted in Europe. Since 2017 will be a long model year, Hyundai might jump the gun and unveil the 2019 Veloster somewhat early in the 2018 calendar year.