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Hyundai is sending the non-N Veloster to a farm upstate for 2022

Thankfully, though, the gloriously rowdy N model will soldier on for another year at least.

Goodnight, sweet asymmetrical prince.

Hyundai's Veloster was little more than a weird but decent hatchback with its asymmetrical door layout and occasionally awkward styling, but when Hyundai decided to bless it as the first full-fat N model, it became something extraordinary.

Now, though, the non-N Veloster (aka Veloster 2.0, 2.0 Premium, R-Spec, Turbo and Ultimate trims) is going the way of the dodo, according to Hyundai's 2022 model year change announcement on Monday. It's likely the victim of the ongoing SUV craze and the success of its rip-snorting progeny.

While it's not the kind of news that would usually read as particularly sad to us, it is a bummer to see another hatchback go away and get replaced by SUVs. Thankfully, the SUVs that have taken the Veloster's spot are good ones: the Kona and the Venue.

The Veloster N will be joined soon by the Kona N and the Elantra N and will hopefully soldier on for a few more years as one of the most dynamically exciting and aggressive hot hatches to grace our American shores.

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