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Hyundai HED-6 concept to debut in Geneva

Hyundai reveals a sketch and some details of a new concept car it will show off in Geneva.

Hyundai HED-6 concept sketch
The HED-6 is an SUV concept designed for Europe. Hyundai

With the launch of the Genesis, Hyundai reinvented itself, and will further the process with a new SUV concept at the Geneva auto show. This new concept, dubbed the HED-6, following a naming scheme based on previous Hyundai concepts, is described in the press release as an "urban nomad," and is supposed to have picked up influences from Berlin, London, and Paris. We would suggest to Hyundai's design team that Europe hasn't traditionally been big on SUVs, but considering the recent critical success of the Genesis, we will shut up in respect to another bold move from the company.

As a concept, the HED-6 features LED daytime running lights, not too far-fetched for production, and a Lexan rear window, allowing a shape that can't be easily achieved with glass. Hyundai specifies a 1.6-liter turbocharged direct injection engine for the HED-6, which makes 175 horsepower.