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Hyundai gets race-ready with Gurnade Veloster SEMA concept

Your average Veloster, this sure ain't.

If only this look were a factory option...


Hyundai's vehicles are all a bit white-bread, but when it comes to the SEMA aftermarket show, the company goes all-out. That remains true with the preview of its Gurnade Veloster Concept.

The SEMA-bound concept was built in collaboration with Gurnade Inc., a creative agency that focuses on automotive renders and illustrations. Make no mistake, though -- this is not just a rendering. This Veloster is ready to hit the track.

Most of its styling is drawn from motorsport, like its fender flares, canards, splitter and wheel fitment. A rear spoiler probably won't do much for this front-wheel-drive car, but it looks the part. The paint color is called "Magic Magenta," which sounds about right.

Under the skin, the Gurnade Veloster sports a custom suspension and a big brake kit. The four-cylinder engine features a new tune, a new exhaust, new intercooler, downpipe and cold-air intake. Much like Hyundai's Santa Fe SEMA concept, there's no ridiculous engine swaps here, even though the Veloster could probably use one.

Inside, the concept sports racing seats and harnesses, a proper roll cage, a carbon-fiber steering wheel and a whole bunch of fancy new gauges and LED lighting. It's also tricked out with a honkin' audio system, which isn't really race-ready, but since it's SEMA it gets a pass. We'll check the car out in person when SEMA kicks off in November.