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Hyundai has an electric concept car for Frankfurt Motor Show

We'll see an electric concept car, a new i10 and get a look at the company's first electric race car.

The design concept will foreshadow production electric cars from Hyundai.


Hyundai will have a lot to talk about at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show next month. The Korean automaker on Thursday provided a roundup of what it plans to showcase at September's event, and notably, we'll get a look at a couple of future electric cars.

Without revealing a name, Hyundai said Frankfurt will play host to the debut of a battery-electric design concept. Literally, those are the only details on the electric concept car the company provided at this time. Except that the car will fall under the "Style Set Free" banner that Hyundai continues to push. The idea is in future electric cars will be more personalized and reflect a driver's style more so than the past.

Also on the electric front, we'll see a future electric race car. Hyundai provided even fewer details for this announcement but explicitly said the electron-fed motorsport machine will debut on the show's opening press day. Of note, Hyundai's N division previously confirmed it will partner with Croatian electric-car supplier and manufacturer Rimac. The race car may foreshadow a production electric sports car from the N division in the future. Rimac knows a thing or two about high-performance electric cars and has so far produced the radical Concept_One and the C_Two.

Cute and angry.


For the here and now, Hyundai plans to debut the latest i10 sub-compact car. Americans won't recognize this model since it's not sold on these shores, but elsewhere around the world, it's a staple model in the portfolio. Kia shares the running gear and calls its own version the Picanto. From the teaser sketch, the i10 is about to look a lot more grown-up than the current model. Alongside the standard i10, Hyundai will also introduce a "special version" of some sort.

We'll be on the ground for the Frankfurt Motor Show's kickoff on Sept. 10 to catch all the news from the show.

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