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Hyundai creates the Voltron of connected-car apps

It's merged its Blue Link and Car Care mobile apps to create MyHyundai with Blue Link.

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Sadly, there's no Night Mode here. You're stuck with that bright white background at all times.


"Keep it simple, stupid," is something my high school geometry teacher said about once a day. Someone at Hyundai must have had the same teacher, because the automaker finally realized that maintaining two different apps for similar functions is silly. Now, it's merged the two into a single app -- MyHyundai with Blue Link.

The new app is a mixture of two old ones -- Blue Link and Car Care. Blue Link focused on connected-car services, whereas Car Care helped owners access maintenance schedules and contact roadside assistance.

Now instead of signing into two apps, you can access to all those features with one app and a single login. The new app also features updated car-care videos for 2016 models.

If you want access to the full suite of features, including remote start and vehicle locking, you'll need to be hooked up with Hyundai's connected-car subscription service. If you don't want to shell out the dough, the app will still give you examples of what you could be doing. There's also a guest-user mode that lets you search local points of interest, gas stations and parking meters.

Hyundai promises additional features will be added, but it declined to say what those new additions will be. MyHyundai with Blue Link is available for both iPhones and Android devices -- sorry, Windows Phone users. You can still access many of these features through Hyundai's MyHyundai web portal, as well.