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Hyundai brings shopping tools to Facebook (exclusive)

CNET has learned that Hyundai is bringing its suite of shopping tools from its Web site to Facebook to help shoppers crowdsource their car buying decision.

Red or white? Premium or base audio? Let your friends help you decide on your next car--Hyundai is bringing its suite of car-shopping tools from its Web site to Facebook.

CNET has learned that Hyundai will be adding four new car-buying tools to its Facebook fan page that will let car buyers crowdsource their friends' opinions on prospective vehicles. Auto manufacturers spend a good amount of time and effort trying to drive traffic to their Web sites, but rather than chase traffic, Hyundai is bringing its Web site content to a social network where many of its customers go every day.

Hyundai's new Facebook-based features are expected to launch this week, and will include a model selector, vehicle configuration, vehicle comparison, and dealer locator tools. Facebook users will be able to visit Hyundai's fan page, select and configure a vehicle, and post the model to their wall. The photo will contain a list of options, and Facebook users will be able to solicit feedback from their friends.

In a take on "hot or not," shoppers comparing a Hyundai vehicle against another model can post the comparison on their wall, according to an insider familiar with the project, but it's not clear if there will be a vote-tallying mechanism. However, opinions in the comments will definitely let you know which way the audience is swaying.

Several manufacturers have tools that let you post a photo of a vehicle you configured on their Web site to your Facebook page, but Hyundai is the first manufacturer to add shopping tools to its Facebook fan page. Since most consumers tend to ask their friends' opinions on what car they should buy, Facebook-based shopping tools seem like an obvious marketing move.