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Hyundai, Bisimoto team up for a 1,000-horsepower SEMA masterpiece

If there's any company you can rely on for concept-car insanity, it's Bisimoto.

Don't expect this to become a dealer option any time soon...or ever.


Bisimoto's new 1,000-horsepower Hyundai Santa Fe concept pushes the car to its limits.

Known for shoving insane amounts of power into traditionally pedestrian cars, Bisimoto has a habit of building some of the best concept cars. It continues that tradition at the 2016 SEMA aftermarket trade show with the Santa-Fast Concept.

The car takes the Santa Fe's 3.8-liter V6 engine and flips it to power the crossover's rear wheels. Using a custom twin-turbocharger setup and a whole host of updated innards, Bisimoto ramped power output north of 1,000 horsepower. Power reaches the rear wheels by way of a Hyundai Equus (now called Genesis G90) rear differential. It also has a manual transmission!

Since all that power by itself would probably crumple the stock chassis, Bisimoto and Hyundai outfitted the Santa-Fast with a custom rear sub-frame and a four-point roll cage. Custom axles and half-shafts prevent the power from wrecking every piece between the crankshaft and the rear wheels. When speed needs to be shaved off in a hurry, Buddy Club four-piston brakes get the job done.

Despite a positively ludicrous engine, the exterior modifications are more on the sedate side. There are some new wheels, a full-car vinyl wrap, a new grille and some mud guards pulled straight from Hyundai's accessories catalog. KW suspension components round out the look with a tastefully low ride height.

The Santa-Fast Concept will be on display this week at SEMA, which takes place in the Las Vegas Convention Center. No, there are no opportunities for ride-alongs, as much as I wish there were.